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Biographies for Young Adults and Art Books for Young Adults
7th of December 2023

You are an Artist

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You are an Artist

Throughout the years, I have been asked numerous questions about my journey in the art industry, such as how to develop one's career, create a portfolio, and find a personal style.

On the 7th of December, my new book, « You Are an Artist,» will be available in libraries in the UK and US.

This book is intended for teenagers seeking guidance in the creative industry, as schools may only sometimes provide the necessary answers. I created this book to give them essential insights into the illustration industry.

Each chapter explores a different area of creativity and brand building, from developing your creative vision and creating a portfolio of work to using social media to your advantage and building a sustainable business. If you've ever wanted to know how to find your style and build your brand but didn't know who to ask, Aurélia's got you covered. Plus, for the book, I have interviewed ten amazing artists from across the globe about how they all started their artistic journey.

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